Course Details




5 hours

There is also an on-the-job, supervised practical training component.

Course requirements must be completed within 6 months.


Competency based practical assessment as well as workbook and online assessment.

Verification Validity:

3 years

Re-registration is available at a nominal fee.  Evidence of working within the industry during the previous 12 months must be supplied.

Course Accreditation:

The course is nationally recognised and meets all AQTF requirements.

Candidates can complete the course at 16 years of age.

Candidates cannot be employed until they have received their certificate. 

The Swimming and Water Safety Instructor Course provides candidates with essential skills to teach swimming and water safety in the commercial swim school environment.

Incorporating the Units of Competence:

  • SISCAQU002  Perform Basic Water Rescues
  • SISCAQU008  Instruct Water Familiarisation, Buoyancy and Mobility Skills
  • SISCAQU009  Instruct Water Safety and Survival Skills
  • SISCAQU010  Instruct Swimming Strokes

This course has 5 face to face hours and other components are completed by workbook, online assessment and on the job instruction. Topics include:

  • Best practice in the Aquatics industry
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Providing feedback
  • Instructional methods and styles
  • Drills, activities and games
  • Communication skills
  • Program planning
  • Aquatic Safety
  • Movement in water
  • Principles of buoyancy and mobility
  • The strokes of swimming
  • Accepted instructional practices and styles
  • Legal and ethical responsibilities
  • Basic water rescue techniques