Course Details




8 hours as well as a field experience component.

Duration may vary according to skill retention and class size.


Competency based, field experience, video assessment as well as an online assessment.

Verification Validity

5 Years.

Course Accreditation

The course is nationally recognised.

The role of Pool Plant Operator is crucial to the operation of any aquatic facility.  The cleanliness of any facility directly impacts on its success and given the health issues associated with pools, operators are required to comply with specific regulations with regard to water quality.

Incorporating the Units of Competence

  • SISCAQU001     Test Pool Water Quality
  • SISCAQU003     Maintain Aquatic Facility Plant and Equipment
  • SISCAQU004     Develop and Implement Pool Water Maintenance Procedures
  • SISXOHS101A   Follow Occupational Health and Safety policies

The pool plant operator course will give the participant the skills to operate a facility.

Topics include:

  • Pool Tests
  • Regulations
  • Responding to Contamination Incidents
  • Record Keeping
  • Chemical Balance of Pool Water
  • Operation of Aquatic Facility Plant & Equipment
  • Conducting Tests on Aquatic Facility Plant & Equipment
  • Identifying Faults and Initiating Corrective Procedures
  • Adjust Disinfectant Levels & Water Balance